Breed Standard


Standard colour, type & points.


General Appearance
Albion cows are wedge shaped with active & stylish carriage, combined with docility and feminine characteristics. They were bred to be dual purpose cattle so they should appear well shaped and well fleshed but with dairy-like qualities.


All animals must be blue roan, blue & white, white or black with little white. When blue roan in colour they tend to darken towards the head.


Albion cattle are medium sized, much smaller in stature than Holsteins but bigger than Jerseys.


Fairly strong, having good but fine bone, good joints and feet, well placed outside each ‘corner’ of the body.


Not too large, wide at the horn, tapering to nose, lean with thin ears. Eyes set wide apart with gentle expression denoting docility; often ‘lined’ with black on the blue cows. Horns, when allowed to grow are often slow to grow, but should grow straight out from the head, then turn evenly forward, outward and slightly upward; not too thick, long or coarse, they taper and gradually darken to a point.


Long and deep with well sprung ribs with straight and even top and bottom lines, not heavy at the shoulder but broad and strong with good deep thighs, not too heavily fleshed when in-milk. Udder should be capacious, thin and soft to touch with medium sized teats evenly spaced.

Old and New! They are still the same- just dehorned!

Albion cow from the past
A modern Albion cow
Save the Albion!

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Blue Albion Cattle; The History       (With kind permission of Mr A. Cheese.)